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And, yes, I know I need to edit the sharpening, I just haven't uploaded and recoded the edited ones yet. Sorry.
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i'm so loving on your icons. took all the marcia icons. sigh, i love the mariska and chris icons. where did you get pictures of them? and thirteen days, right? steven was sooooo very good in that movie. he should have been nominated for something.
All three Marcia icons? :) I think that is the smallest amount I've ever posted. I have a whole folder of Mariska and Chris promos from someone's post on SP. I take them at random. Yes, I bought the movie on one of my Steven Culp kicks. The movies I buy when I'm on my kicks amazes me. He was really good. He got great comments on it. He's still roughly unknown but for DH, though. Thanks, my dear.
lol, yup. you always make the best marcia/bree icons because you always capture her best facial expressions and moments. i love it. ah, that's cool. same here! lol, i was on such a steven kick a few months ago i bought like five of his movies when i went to dvdplanet. welcome. :]
No, I don't think I have the best, and if I do capture the best, it's only b/c of the sheer numbers that it would statistically be bound to happen. Five movies? Really? I only got two (Thirteen Days and The Sisters), but I did tape all of his TV appearances that week (JAG, Touched by an Angel), and I did have all of The West Wing on DVD all ready.
i think you do. ;] seriously. i like simple icons and you always have the marcia icons i would actually use. i rarely use other people's icons, but you are the only one who make icons that i would really use. haha, yeah. i went crazy trying to find his movies. haha, cool. i need to buy the ww dvd set for my best friend. i'll have to work extra shifts, but she's so obsessed with tww and i know she'll love it.